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  • Different material should be used corresponding primer, some material have to process before spraying primer, like ABS material could be dipped directly. In order to make more beautiful, if there is not harmonious between the color of pattern and product’s background, the base background should be ...[more]
  • Vehicle:Instrument Panel,Steering Wheel,Tissue Box,Cup Holder,Cassette holder,Rear Glass frame,Handle and ever the handle for door lock,Electronics:Telephone Set,Computer,Video,TV,Air-con,Audio, Remote Controller,Mouse,Clock,etc...[more]
  • Close the uncoated side of the door with above mentioned nylon net.Note:The above measure is only an example to close the uncoated area of a metal door, anyway you have to find a solution for your particular products, use adhesive type to seal the uncoated area is also simple and very popula...[more]
  • the water surface must be clean, free from remains left from the last dipping, expel the remains to the far end of the water tank with a scraper,(or simply a wood piece).Expel gently and slowly, do not stir the water or this may bring forth bubbles on water surfaces...[more]
  • Many people send email or call me to say that you want to start water transfer printing business, but you don’t know how to do and how much you invest. It depends on how much you know this business for auto and motorcycle refit and this trend for young people pursuit fashion. Investment vary, depen...[more]
  • Our company is specialized in the production and marketing of water transfer printing film for over 10 years, and we have many customers around the world. With the growth of the orders in foreign country recently, we found that customers have high requirement on product’s quality, and we know that....[more]

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