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Hydrogarphic- Special Remarks

Hydrogarphic- Special Remarks


1.1 If a pattern is locally damaged,you can try to mend it by cutting off a piece of film and dipping again.

2.2 If a total pattern is damaged,you have to removed the total pattern with sand paper or solvent and dip again.

2.   Instructions on dealing with inferior products after finish coating.

2.1 If local defects such as dust proints or drippings appear on surface finish,polish the local surface with wax.

2.2 If the whole finish surface is failure the finish has to be removed with solvent for renewal.

3.   Spray Gun,Operation,Maintenance and Control.

3.1 Clean the gun with activator before operation.

3.2 The key for a successful WTP process:1.Find out the right time for spraying 2.Amount of activator applied on the film so you have to adjust the adequate spraying amount,not too less or too much.

3.3 You need also adjust the air pressure, activator flow and the width of the fine spray.

     3.4 Lower air pressure results less activator spray and vise versa.

     3.5 Move the gun in an adequate speed, not too fast or too slow.

     3.6 The amount of activator applied is related to expansion of the film,in general the bigger expansion,the higher amount and vise versa.

     3.7 On larger spray area,there must be 1/2 overlap between each passage of gun move, this can prevent the porous defects caused by activator.

     3.8 The new comer may use water as activator for training purpose, after training,the gun has to be cleaned with activator or it will get rusty.



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