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Hydrographic & printed Film

Hydrographic  & printed  Film


          Water Transfer Printing is one kind of the finishing technologies to coat the desired 

pattern on a 3D curve. In order to make the surface beautiful and add the value to products, 

we can apply this technology to transfer print the patterns like wooden grains, marble grains,

 carbon fiber patterns, camouflage patterns and even your own designs on it. It can be applied 

to many industries such as automobile parts, vehicle parts, household appliances, shoes, 

furniture. Almost every kind of materials can be applied, especially plastics.

       The main process procedure: jigging, base color coating, film activation, spreading film on water, 

transfer printing, washing and top coating.The newest technology for the water transfer film is 

used by inkjet printer with water transfer ink and film. Any customized image can be transferred

 on the objects.


How to make our film :

Step 1: Apply base coat on the surface of physical object and then dry the coat.

Step 2: Print your picture or pattern on your inkjet printer with water base pigment ink.

choosing " mirror printing" and " highest quality"

Step 3: Wait until the ink is totally dry and apply water transfer activator A to protect the ink.

Step 4: Tape the around of the film to limit the expansion of the film when it put on the water

 and pull off the stabilization paper of the backside before place the film on water.

Step 5: Place the film on the water and fix it, if there are bubbles under the film, just blow

 it away by the small pressure without damage the film. (Water temperature should be 25C-30C)

Step 6: Waiting about 60 seconds (If the water temperature lower, just extend this time), spray

 the activator B to liquefy the film and wait about 5 seconds till the film is completely 


Step 7: Dipping slowly the physical object into the film with an angle of 35-45 degrees and avoid 

air bubbles.

Step 8: Take out the object, flush away overhang parts of the film and clean with water 

to remove all the glue on the object, and then dry the object and spray a clear top lacquer 

as protection.


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