Who are we?

ShenZhen ZhiChao Water Transfer Printing Co.,LTD is located in Shenzhen, a pioneer city in reforms. The company, established in 1999, specializes in three-
dimensional surface coating(water transter printing) designing and developing, and provides whole factory facilities and technology transfer services.

The company deals in film printing, plate-making, water transfer printing and technology transfer services. With the materials imported from Japan,

The plate-making processing technology and equipment from Germany, and advanced printing technology from Japan......[view more]

What Is Water Transfer Printing?

Water Transfer Printing (also known as water immersion printing, hydrograghic printing, hydro dipping, hydro imaging and fluid imaging) is a 3D decorating process where elaborate graphics like wood grain, Carbon Fiber, Camouflage, Geometrical designs, etc... [view more]

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